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Original Brand New CPU Cooling Fan For HP COMPAQ Pavilion DV6-3010US Laptop

Get your HP COMPAQ Pavilion DV6-3010US from today is free of charge for shipment. We supply brand new HP COMPAQ Pavilion DV6-3010US Laptop CPU Fan with low price. We guarantee the Pavilion DV6-3010US Laptop Accessory with a full three-months warranty from the date of purchase if the product(s) have any quality problem!
Original CPU Cooling Fan for HP Pavilion DV6-3000 DV7-4000 Series Laptops
Click image to enlarge
Free Shipping
Brand new,3 months warranty!
HP COMPAQ Pavilion DV6-3010US Laptop Accessory Information:
Specification: 100% TESTED 100% WORK AND PASS THE NOISE TEST
Power: DC5V Bare Fan
Unit: PCS
Type: Laptop CPU Fan
Condition: Brand New
Warranty: 3 Months
Info: (3-wire) 3-pin connector
Availability: in stock
Payment | Delivery:  PayPal | HongKong Registered Air Mail With Tracking Number, Free   [Detail?]
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Compatible HP COMPAQ Pavilion DV6-3010US Part Number and Models:

Compatible Brands
Compatible Code
DFB552005M30T KSB0505HA(-9J99)
Fit Model
Pavilion DV6-3000 Series Pavilion DV6-3001AU Pavilion DV6-3001TX
Pavilion DV6-3001XX Pavilion DV6-3002AU Pavilion DV6-3002XX
Pavilion DV6-3003TU Pavilion DV6-3003XX Pavilion DV6-3004AX
Pavilion DV6-3004TX Pavilion DV6-3006AX Pavilion DV6-3006TU
Pavilion DV6-3007AX Pavilion DV6-3008TX Pavilion DV6-3010US
Pavilion DV6-3012HE Pavilion DV6-3013CL Pavilion DV6-3013NR
Pavilion DV6-3015TX Pavilion DV6-3016TX Pavilion DV6-3017NR
Pavilion DV6-3019WM Pavilion DV6-3020US Pavilion DV6-3022US
Pavilion DV6-3023NR Pavilion DV6-3023TX Pavilion DV6-3024TX
Pavilion DV6-3025DX Pavilion DV6-3030US Pavilion DV6-3031NR
Pavilion DV6-3031TX Pavilion DV6-3032NR Pavilion DV6-3033CL
Pavilion DV6-3033HE Pavilion DV6-3033TX Pavilion DV6-3034NR
Pavilion DV6-3034TX Pavilion DV6-3035TX Pavilion DV6-3036TX
Pavilion DV6-3037NR Pavilion DV6-3037SB Pavilion DV6-3037TX
Pavilion DV6-3040TX Pavilion DV6-3040US Pavilion DV6-3041TX
Pavilion DV6-3043CA Pavilion DV6-3049TX Pavilion DV6-3050CA
Pavilion DV6-3050US Pavilion DV6-3051XX Pavilion DV6-3052NR
Pavilion DV6-3053HE Pavilion DV6-3053TX Pavilion DV6-3054CA
Pavilion DV6-3055DX Pavilion DV6-3100 Series Pavilion DV6-3108CA
Pavilion DV6-3109CA Pavilion DV6-3114CA Pavilion DV6-3118CA
Pavilion DV6-3120US Pavilion DV6-3121NR Pavilion DV6-3122US
Pavilion DV6-3123CL Pavilion DV6-3124NR Pavilion DV6-3127DX
Pavilion DV6-3129NR Pavilion DV6-3130US Pavilion DV6-3131NR
Pavilion DV6-3132NR Pavilion DV6-3133NR Pavilion DV6-3134CA
Pavilion DV6-3134NR Pavilion DV6-3138CA Pavilion DV6-3140US
Pavilion DV6-3143CA Pavilion DV6-3143CL Pavilion DV6-3143US
Pavilion DV6-3144CA Pavilion DV6-3145DX Pavilion DV6-3147CA
Pavilion DV6-3147SB Pavilion DV6-3150US Pavilion DV6-3152NR
Pavilion DV6-3153NR Pavilion DV6-3155DX Pavilion DV6-3158CA
Pavilion DV6-3160US Pavilion DV6-3163CL Pavilion DV6-3167CA
Pavilion DV6-3170CA Pavilion DV6-3174CA Pavilion DV6-3181NR
Pavilion DV6-3194CA Pavilion DV6-3200 Series Pavilion DV6-3210US
Pavilion DV6-3212NR Pavilion DV6-3217CL Pavilion DV6-3223CL
Pavilion DV6-3225DX Pavilion DV6-3227CL Pavilion DV6-3230US
Pavilion DV6-3231NR Pavilion DV6-3232NR Pavilion DV6-3234NR
Pavilion DV6-3236NR Pavilion DV6-3238NR Pavilion DV6-3240CA
Pavilion DV6-3240US Pavilion DV6-3243CL Pavilion DV6-3250US
Pavilion DV6-3257CL Pavilion DV6-3257SB Pavilion DV6-3259WM
Pavilion DV6-3263CL Pavilion DV6-3264CA Pavilion DV6-3267CL
Pavilion DV6-3268CA Pavilion DV6-3270CA Pavilion DV6-3275CA
Pavilion DV6-3278CA Pavilion DV6-3280CA Pavilion DV6-3284CA
Pavilion DV6-3287CL Pavilion DV6-4001XX Pavilion DV6-4051NR
Pavilion DV6-4053CA Pavilion DV6T-3000 Series Pavilion DV6T-3100 Series
Pavilion DV6T-3200 Series Pavilion DV6Z-3000 Series Pavilion DV6z-3100 Series
Pavilion DV6z-3200 Series Pavilion DV7-4000 Series Pavilion DV7-4002TX
Pavilion DV7-4004EZ Pavilion DV7-4008CA Pavilion DV7-4015SA
Pavilion DV7-4020SA Pavilion DV7-4035SA Pavilion DV7-4038CA
Pavilion DV7-4040SA Pavilion DV7-4051NR Pavilion DV7-4053CL
Pavilion DV7-4054CA Pavilion DV7-4057CA Pavilion DV7-4058CA
Pavilion DV7-4060US Pavilion DV7-4061NR Pavilion DV7-4063CA
Pavilion DV7-4065DX Pavilion DV7-4069WA Pavilion DV7-4070US
Pavilion DV7-4071NR Pavilion DV7-4073CA Pavilion DV7-4073NR
Pavilion DV7-4074CA Pavilion DV7-4077CL Pavilion DV7-4078CA
Pavilion DV7-4080US Pavilion DV7-4083CL Pavilion DV7-4087CL
Pavilion DV7-4090CA Pavilion DV7-4100 Series Pavilion DV7-4104CA
Pavilion DV7-4127CA Pavilion DV7-4130SA Pavilion DV7-4131SA
Pavilion DV7-4138CA Pavilion DV7-4141SA Pavilion DV7-4148CA
Pavilion DV7-4151NR Pavilion DV7-4153CL Pavilion DV7-4154CA
Pavilion DV7-4157CL Pavilion DV7-4165DX Pavilion DV7-4167CA
Pavilion DV7-4169WM Pavilion DV7-4170US Pavilion DV7-4171US
Pavilion DV7-4173US Pavilion DV7-4174CA Pavilion DV7-4177CA
Pavilion DV7-4177NR Pavilion DV7-4178NR Pavilion DV7-4179NR
Pavilion DV7-4180US Pavilion DV7-4182NR Pavilion DV7-4183CL
Pavilion DV7-4190US Pavilion DV7-4191NR Pavilion DV7-4197CL
Pavilion DV7-4200 Series Pavilion DV7-4248CA Pavilion DV7-4260CA
Pavilion DV7-4263CL Pavilion DV7-4267CL Pavilion DV7-4269WM
Pavilion DV7-4270CA Pavilion DV7-4270US Pavilion DV7-4272US
Pavilion DV7-4273US Pavilion DV7-4274NR Pavilion DV7-4276NR
Pavilion DV7-4277NR Pavilion DV7-4278NR Pavilion DV7-4280US
Pavilion DV7-4283CL Pavilion DV7-4285DX Pavilion DV7-4287CL
Pavilion DV7-4289US Pavilion DV7-4290US Pavilion DV7-4292NR
Pavilion DV7-4293NR Pavilion DV7-4294NR Pavilion DV7-4295US
Pavilion DV7-4296NR Pavilion DV7-4297CL Pavilion DV7-4313CL
Pavilion DV7t-4000 CTO Pavilion DV7t-4100 CTO

Compatible Brands (Select brand to view models)


How to Replace a Pavilion DV6-3010US Fan?

1. Please read the Pavilion DV6-3010US manual or maintenance guide if you have before you disassemble the laptop. This file is a universal summary only. Some details may be not the same.

2. Prepare a correct replacement. The image on our website is for actual product. If you are not sure which one is correct, please contact us.

3. Now, turn off your laptop and disconnect the power cord. And disconnect all external devices connected to the computer. Remove the battery, DVD drive and the hard drive. The hard drive is usually located in a slot on one side of the laptop. Remove the screw that holds the cover in place, then pull out the hard drive.

4. Remove all the screws (may not exist) that hold the keyboard in place, then lift the keyboard up and out. Unplug the flexible ribbon cable that connects the keyboard to the motherboard.

5. Remove the screws (may not exist) that hold the laptop keyboard bezel and palm rest in place. Carefully pry loose any plastic snaps on the sides, then lift the bezel and palm rest up and out.

6. Unplug the old Pavilion DV6-3010US Fan. Remove screws that hold the heat sink and fan in place, then remove the entire unit from the laptop. Clean any thermal compound residue from the bottom of the heat sink and the CPU.

7. Apply a thin and even layer of thermal compound on the CPU, then replace the heat sink and fix the new fan. Replace the screws, plug the Pavilion DV6-3010US fan back in, then reassemble the laptop.

8. Turn on your Pavilion DV6-3010US . After you use it for a few minutes, you should hear the new cooling fan running and feel warm air blowing from the vent on the side of the laptop.

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Shipping Information:

We ship to worldwide range and the shipping is also free unless you request express delivery. The delivery to the most countries usually takes about 7~14 business days.

Normally, all orders are shipped from Hong Kong by HK post office registered air mail. You will get an email of shipping information including the tracking number once your order is shipped out from our warehouse.

Please find the detail of the express as below:

Express Company Estimated Delivery Time Cost
EMS5-9 business days $18
UPS3-6 business days $22

If your address can't be reached by above express company, please contact us by and inform us of your express company.

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